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This  ministry is to initiate activities that will enhance the overall church-wide and community communications initiative through:  design, development and delivery of creative media solutions that support Pastor Ward's mission of the church events, conferences and services.  This ministry is set to initiate and implement methods that will be beneficial in increasing church attendance, membership and reaching the saved and unsaved through the "Word of God." Our focus is to promote out, to bring in new souls to Christ.

"God has given each of us different gifts to use.  If we can prophesy we should do it according to the amount of faith we have.  If we can serve others, we should serve.  If we can teach, we should teach.  If we can encourage others, we should encourage them.  If we can give, we should be generous.  If we are leaders, we should do our best.  If we are good to others, we should do it cheerfull."  Romans 13:6-8

    "God's grace and mercy allowed us to be the greatest church in the universe." ~Pastor Ward

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    Antioch-Lithonia Missionary Baptist Church
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