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Chairman: Deacon Timothy & Deaconess Ozella Williams

Membership Care: U, V, X, Y, Z

1st Vice-Chairman: Deacon Kent & Minister Gail Boyd

Membership Care: R

2nd Vice-Chairman: Deacon Lee & Deaconess Bonnie Jones

Membership Care: B

Secretary: Deacon Greg & Deaconess Lori Cade

Membership Care: S

Deacon Satrick & Deaconess Katrina Anthony

Membership Care: E

Deacon Robert & Deaconess Valerie Ayer

Membership Care: M

Deacon George & Deaconess Myrtice Carter

Deacon Charles & Deaconess Talibah Chisholm

Membership Care: G

Deacon Rickey & Deaconess Frances Dixson

Membership Care: A

Deacon Charles & Deaconess Sandra Durham

Membership Care: W

Deacon Sammie & Deaconess Iris Epps

Deacon John Jr. & Deaconess Shelly-Ann Fluker

Membership Care: K

Deacon Larry & Deaconess Sharon Fort

Membership Care: C

Deacon Waymond & Deaconess Gertrude Graham

Deacon Henry & Minister Sandra Hall

Deacon Henry Jr. & Deaconess Karen Hill

Membership Care: H

Deacon Mendez & Deaconess Scherie Jeffries

Membership Care: P

Deacon Charles & Deaconess Deloris Johnson

Deacon Emmry Sr. & Deaconess Jenea Kennedy

Deacon Emmry Sr. & Deaconess Jenea Kennedy

Membership Care: F

Deacon Gregory & Deaconess Carmela Kidd

Membership Care: C

Deacon Ricky & Deaconess Patricia Lee

Membership Care: J

Deacon Charles & Deaconess Wanda Montgomery

Membership Care: R

Deacon Curtis Sr. & Deaconess Doris Nelson

Deacon James & Deaconess Irma Patterson

Deacon James & Deaconess Patrice Peek

Membership Care: H-I

Deacon William Sr. & Deaconess Delores Prad

Membership Care: C

Deacon Dennis & Deaconess Tammie Quinn

Membership Care: D

Deacon Willie Reese Jr. 

Membership Care: T

Deacon Barry & Deaconess Lenobie Reynolds

Membership Care: G

Deacon Ronald & Deaconess Glenda Reynolds

Deacon Arnold Smith

Membership Care: L

Deacon Sylvester Spann Sr. 

Membership Care: B

Deacon Marvin & Minister Althelene Table

Membership Care: T

Deacon Lonzo & Deaconess Rosa Turner

Membership Care: N, O, Q

Deacon Lorenzo & Deaconess Doris Wilkerson

Membership Care: J


Deacon Thornton & Deaconess Frances Anderson

Deacon Anthony & Deaconess Brenda Golden

Deaconess Ruth Boyd

Deaconess Maxine Delk

Deaconess Alice Green

Deaconess Ethel Guthrie

Deaconess Lorane Guthrie

Deaconess Louise Hall

Deaconess Carolyn Slaughter 

Deaconess Jacquelyn Walker

    "God's grace and mercy allowed us to be the greatest church in the universe." ~Pastor Ward

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    2152 Rock Chapel Rd. | Lithonia, GA 30058 | PH: (770) 482-1277FAX:  (770) 482-1584