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The Antioch-Lithonia Church family extends heartfelt condolences to the following families:

March 2023

  • Ida Pettie, friends of Sister Sandra Anderson
  • Dorothy Lela Martin, aunt of Deacon Timonthy Williams
  • Joyce Ann Jones, aunt of Minister Terry Spivey, Marilyn Spivey, Courteney Spivey, Terry Spivey, and Tavis Spivey

February 2023

  • William Excel Norwood, brother of Minister Althelene Table, brother-in-law of Deacon Marvin Table, uncle of Sister Makina Table, Sister Maya Table, and Sister Melba Table-Furlow
  • Roanna Satchwell, mother of Sister Marcia Davis
  • Helen Gray Manning Barnes, aunt of Minister Frances Knight Pinckney and Brother John Pinckney, Sister Brittany Knight, Sister Cortney Horlback, and Sister Akila Triggs
  • Vincent Brown, brother of Sister Valencia Long
  • Minister Kendra Mcclain-Walker, niece of Deacon Charles Johnson and Deaconess Deloris Johnson. Relative of Sister Lucille Walker and Brother Timothy Walker
  • Elizabeth Hemstead, aunt of Sister Sylvia Penn and relative of Sister Cynthia Wilson
  • Maurice Gore, nephew of Sister Sylvia Penn and relative of Sister Cynthia Wilson

January 2023

  • Anna Lee Pennyman, sister-in-law of Brother Larry Pennyman and Sister Gwen Pennyman
  • Janice Grose, wife of Brother James Grose. Family member of Reginald Grose and T.J. Grose.
  • Jailyn Peters, aunt of Sister Yvonne Yancy and Brother John Yancy
  • Daniel Eugene Taylor, husband of Sister Shelly J. Taylor
  • Edith Mclean Powell-Farmer, aunt of Sister Sonya Works and Brother James Works

Sick List

The Antioch-Lithonia Church family is asking for prayers for:

March 2023

  • Spencer Hurst

February 2023

  • Deaconess Frances Anderson
  • Mother Dora Webster
  • Sister Gwendolyn Clinkscales
  • Sister Roanna Satchwell
  • Brother Dennis Wynter
  • Rosetta Register Wright

January 2023

  • Brother Timothy Walker
  • Mother Roanna Satchwell
  • Mother Lillie McGowan

    "God's grace and mercy allowed us to be the greatest church in the universe." ~Pastor Ward

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